7 Mar 2013

The Velvet Manaicure, Fluffy!

"Its been around for ages" I hear you shout, yes it has but im still yet to try it!

When i first saw it on +Sam Biddles Website i admit i thought i was strange but very funky and i love new innovations but on later reflection and when pictures kept popping of really messy application i really changed my mind. Plus i really love Sam Biddles products and have followed her career avidly since i got into nails.

But when i went for a stroll in Superdrug i noticed that MUA  now do a range of nail fluff i just had to give it a go. And it was only £3 for a quite big pot.
EDIT: it is now £2 on thier website HERE
Questions keep popping into my sceptical head like, what happpens when it gets wet? how long will it last? Is it easy to apply?
Later on today im going to have a nice old mess around with it and see if it will infact change my mind.

Keep your eyes peeled for my design later tonight x

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