20 Jun 2013

Trees Against a Sunset Nail Art

Its been hot here recently, I decided to use my oranges. 
I don't use them that much but whenever I do I remember how beautiful they are. 

To do this I used 
Essie's Fear and Desire, Orange it Obvious and Flawless. 
BarryM's Bright Pink 
Oumaxi Acrylic Paint in black and white. 

To achieve the background I painted 2 coats of Essie Flawless (light pink). Then used a sponge to mottle over the different colours until it looked good :P 

One thing that did annoy me was for some reason i kept getting little bits coming off the sponge!

 This is another really easy one to do, so give it ago! 


  1. This is so beautiful! And it matches perfectly with the scorching weather that we've had in the UK the past week :)
    - Olivia x


    1. Thanks hun! Its been horrible :( I know i shouldnt say this but its been TOO hot for me :) bring back 10c!

    2. Haha! I agree with you! I'm a total English Rose, so I burn as soon as the sun appears. 10c all the way!

  2. Jade,this is so gently and cute !love it !

    1. Thanks hun this is one of my all time fave nail arts!