30 Aug 2013

Geometric Design,Decal Stamping Method Tutorial

As you all have guessed by now, I love stamping! 
I created this simple design using the decal technique. 
I also used the same technique to do THIS mani. 

I thought i would do a little tutorial type explanation on how I do it. 

I use a "squishy" type stamper for decals as it really wraps the design around your nail. Unlike the normal Konad stampers, Squishy's have, what i can only describe as, a marshmallow at the end! I purchased mine from eBay for £2.35 from the UK.

First I select my design and do the normal stamping routine to get the design on my stamper.

I then let it dry on the stamper (which takes about 1 min lol) 

I then pick out the parts that I want to colour in. Today I have chosen to add a slightly darker blue polish to the shaded area of the box. 
You can use either polish or acrylic paint to colour in the stamp. Both work equally well in my opinion. 

Then it will look something like this.....
It doesn't have to be too neat as long as it doesn't overlap onto parts you don't want that colour LOL 
As you can see you can paint over lines etc and they will still show, it works on a layering principle.

Then paint your nails as normal. 

While the polish is still tacky, stamp your nail as normal. 
Be extra careful and slow. I also press a bit harder than I usually would. 

The you will be left with your design on your nail! 

All that's left is to clean up. In this instance clean up the overhang BEFORE topcoat  Otherwise the topcoat will cause the remaining polish to fold over on to your design. Such a bummer when that happens!!

And TaDa! 

The possibles are truly endless with this! 


  1. thank you so much for sharing this tutorial!

    1. No worries! I now also have a quick video tutorial on my YouTube channel which is accessible on the top right of this page :)

  2. I love this technque! I haven't tried yet, thanks for the tutorial!

    1. Thanks! I would love to see what you come up with!