18 Apr 2014

Nails Supreme Review and Nail Art...

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I have really been trying to get back into nail art recently. Im going to put more and more time (and posts) into and practicing art.

So on that note I wanted to try a new nail art pen or a few different options to see what I prefered best. I looked online and saw that Sophie Harris Greenslade AKA The Illustrated Nail used nail art pens called Nails Supreme. I have never gotten on with the nibbed pens before but It had been over 2 years since I lasted tried! 

Lucie from Lucy's Stash also recommended these to me and she wrote a great review on these which you can find here

I purchased these on eBay as they turned out cheaper than anywhere else I can find them. These came in at nearly £19. So not cheap but worth it if I can get on with them lol. 

I bought the Matt Set (CP1) and its comes with 10 different colours connected together. 
The pack is also supposed to come with a cleaning tool but I couldn't find that in my kit. 

The nib is pretty small so ideal for very intricate nail art.
One thing to mention is that when you unscrew the nib there is a brush but it is NOT a striping brush, It is a regular nail polish brush. 

I chose to use the yellow and white for this nail art and also try out one of my new polishes from my recent Harlow Haul.

The yellow didn't cover as well as the white and I was warned by Lucie that some don't cover as well as others.

For the bases I used Glam Polish, She Had A Lipstick Taser! and BarryM Gelly Dragon Fruit. 
This Glam Polish is so freaking lush. The layering of the glitter is sooo good! Its a nice bright blue but not in an offensive way.

Okay so I need to get used to the whole squeezing and drawing thing.
 It was hard not to over squeeze, that then creates an uneven line.

I also think one of my biggest downfalls is not sitting and thinking what I am going to do before I do it and thats why it never works out how I want it too. 
Some people find it easy to just free hand and doodle etc but I just cant do it so for me planning is the way forward. 

I look forward to really getting stuck in with these and hope one day I can master them. 

Have you ever tried these? What do you use for your nail arts?

15 Apr 2014

Mega Mix Nails Review Part 2

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You may remember a couple of days ago I tried a new product called Mega Mix.

Mega Mix is a product that turns your nail polish or mica/glitter pigments into gel polish.

My first testing wasn't a complete success, you can read it HERE

So I thought it best to try out a more pigmented polish and see how that faired.
I figured that my most pigmented polish might be a Gelly by BarryM so I used Pomegranate.

As per my previous post I applied BarryM Pomegranate on the index finger and a mixture of Mega Mix and nail polish on the remaining three nails. 
2 coats on the index and 4 on the rest. 

This mixture fared considerably better than my previous one of Essie and MegaMix. 
Its not perfect though. You can still see my smile line and it has a jelly like appearance. 

But how can we expect it to be opaque when its effectively "watered" down by mixing in the clear gel? 
Would it not be better if the gel was tinted white?

Another point worth making is that this is time consuming and I ran out of mixture half way through so I do wonder if by mixing up a new batch half way through would the colour or coverage be the same?? 

What are your thoughts on this?
Do you prefer gel to polish?

Moyra Polish Review

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Today I have a review of a brand called Moyra. They are new to the UK and stock a MASSIVE range of polish, nail tech items and nail art. 

I was sent three polishes to review and I have two to show you today, shade no 87 and no 304.

I decided to do this as a piece of nail art. When I saw the Metal Effect shade 304 I instantly thought STAMPING! 

So this is shade 87 on its own....

Oh how I love purple and this polish is no exception!
 The brush is a brilliant shape, not thin like Revlon but not as wide as Essie. You all know how I LOVE a good brush! 
I also like the longer handle on these bottles too. BUT I have to say I am not crazy about the way the bottles look.
The formula was great too, two coats in these pics. 
**The "rim" look on the ring finger is caused by my topcoat, not the polish**

Then I added some stamping using no 304.....

LOOK AT IT! Oh my! 

This stamps even better than my actual silver stamping polish! I am so happy with how this looks!
If you are looking for a silver stamping polish I would recommend this for sure.

Moyra polishes (so far) get a massive tick in my book! AND would you believe they are a budget polish? 
These are selling for £3 each at the mo.
They are available to buy from FACEBOOK and a website is on the horizon.

Have you tried Moyra yet?

These polishes were sent to me for my honest review.. Please see my disclosure for more details