28 Jul 2014

Life in Lacquer Nail Art Challenge:MONOCHROME

We have nearly reached the end of this month long challenge and I would love to hear your thoughts about how its gone, your favourite design and any improvements in running the challenge, just incase I decide to do one again one day!

This prompt is another fave of mine. Monochrome is very trendy and I love the contrast in the black and white

This was not my original design as I messed up the one i did previously. I am far happier with this design though as it really is something different for me.

As you may also be able to see is that I have gone back to the more pointy nail shape. I really do prefer this shape. What is your fave nail shape?

I used Art Club Stripers by Color Club . They are okay but they get thick everytime I use them.

I hope you like them! Please take a look at the other nail arts from this challenge by many other talented nail artists!

24 Jul 2014

Life in Lacquer Nail Art Challenge July: FLORAL

After a little faux pas on monday, some of you may have already seen these! I was sat in my car looking at lions in Longleat when my twitter went a bit mental as I had published the wrong post DUH!

Today's prompt is Floral... I decided to give one stroke another go.I wanted to do something very feminine so decided to use pink and of course some glitter!

A couple days ago I bought the Cupcakes and Champagne collection by Ruby Wing from a nail friend only and I couldn't resist using one!
If you didn't know the collection of polishes are all scented and they change in the sunlight!
The scent is strong even with a topcoat on, its divine!

For this look I used Essie Neo Whimsical and Color Club Strawberry Shortcake. The roses are painted using some acrylic paint.

My one stroke still needs loads of work and my middle finger is the worst but I do still like the look of this nail art and I am pretty proud of the results.

You can see the other challenge entries below and please go and give them a view. 

21 Jul 2014

Life in Lacquer Nail Art Challenge: BLUE

Another #lifeinlacquerjuly mani. How are you all liking the challenge so far? I hope your enjoying seeing others work on my Instagram!

Ive been totally overwhelmed by all the people taking part! I thought no one would so I am sooo happy you are all joining me on this!

Today is another very broad prompt...Blue. 
I chose to get my Nail Stickrs out for this one. Maybe it would have been more suited to the Geometric prompt but oh well :)

AND theres a couple videos to accompy this too! Im getting there with the whole video thing. I still find them quite hard and awkward to film but I am getting there. 
Again these are fast so I can put them on Instagram. Do you think I should make longer versions for Youtube? 

Here is how I did the gradient.....

And here is how I used the Nail Stickrs to create a sponge chevron.

I hope the videos go a little way in showing you how I did this look.
I am really interested to know what you think about them so please do let me know.

For this look I used Essie Butler Please, Avenue Maintain and Sweet Talker. I also used Moyra 304 on the chevron nail. 
All of this was one ontop of a white base
And then of course it needed some bling! These beautiful metal star charms are from Effect Beauty. I love them! They are slightly curved so fit to the nail really well unlike other flat charms, plus you get a decent amount for your money.

Soooo what do you think? Please check out the other blog entries from Life in Lacquer July below!

**some of the products featured were sent to me as press samples. All opinions are my own**

17 Jul 2014

Life in Lacquer Nail Art Challenge: GEOMETRIC

I am bowled away with the amount of people taking part and the positive feedback I have received! I have already found loads of new bloggers and nail artists, how about you?

Today's prompt is one of my fave nail art looks of all times. Geometric.

I actually did another look for this originally but I hated it so I did another. I had so many ideas but when I tried to do them they weren't turning out how I planned... One of those days where nothing went right LOL!

Glam Polish She Had A Lipstick Taser 

I love this polish! The base colour, the pink glitters, the crelly effect... EVERYTHING! Look at the way the glitter gives this polish so much depth. The hex glitter is very irregular in shape but I don't think that detracts anything from the polish.

I again used Nail Stickrs for the nail vinyls and Konad white stamping polish to do the designs.
The ring accent finger is Moyra 102 and I hand painted with acrylic paint for the pattern.

What do you think of my take on geometric? See others post from the #lifeinlacquerjuly challenge below and why not share some love and go leave a them comment :)

*press sample, some products were provided for an honest review*

14 Jul 2014

Life in Lacquer Nail Art Challenge:DOTS

How are you enjoying the challenge so far? Please do share the challenge around so others can take part!

Today is dots. I liked this prompt as its very open and also lends itself to beginners.

I chose to do something simple AND I made a video to go with it! YAY!

Here is what I came up with.

I used Manhattan Laque Lotus and Sugar Fix by Sally Hansen (textured) 
The bow was from Poundland! 

I love the textured polish over the smooth. I think its a great way to jazz up a simple mani.
Want to see how I did it??!! NOW YOU CAN! 

It is a fast video as I planned to put them on instagram.

What do you think? Do you like to see how it was done?

Tune in soon to see the next installment in Life in Lacquer July!