23 Apr 2013

Kleancolor Matt Holo Glitter


 2x Coats of Catch Me by Kleancolor
3xCoats of Chunky Holo Teal by Kleancolor
1xCoat of Matte Top Coat by Orly
I know the stamping is smudged but i really wanted to show this design
I love the look of matte glitter and this blue is truly beautiful in real life.
This glitter is lovely, it really catches the light and shows off the all the different colours.
here's some pictures without the stamping

Also i love the lid of the Orly Matte topcoat as its all rubbery and so easy to grip. Nice :)
The only problem i have is that Kleancolor polishes never last on me which is such a shame as they are so beautiful. Has anyone had the same issue?
It literally peels off in big bits :(

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