15 Apr 2014

Mega Mix Nails Review Part 2

You may remember a couple of days ago I tried a new product called Mega Mix.

Mega Mix is a product that turns your nail polish or mica/glitter pigments into gel polish.

My first testing wasn't a complete success, you can read it HERE

So I thought it best to try out a more pigmented polish and see how that faired.
I figured that my most pigmented polish might be a Gelly by BarryM so I used Pomegranate.

As per my previous post I applied BarryM Pomegranate on the index finger and a mixture of Mega Mix and nail polish on the remaining three nails. 
2 coats on the index and 4 on the rest. 

This mixture fared considerably better than my previous one of Essie and MegaMix. 
Its not perfect though. You can still see my smile line and it has a jelly like appearance. 

But how can we expect it to be opaque when its effectively "watered" down by mixing in the clear gel? 
Would it not be better if the gel was tinted white?

Another point worth making is that this is time consuming and I ran out of mixture half way through so I do wonder if by mixing up a new batch half way through would the colour or coverage be the same?? 

What are your thoughts on this?
Do you prefer gel to polish?


  1. Thanks for doing a review of this! I'm wondering if you'd be able to do a layer of regular polish in between/gel sandwich to boost the opacity (maybe just one coat and then wrapping the tips properly) It's a little bit swings and roundabouts but might make for more versatility with less faffing x

    1. thanks hun. Thats what I was thinking, I think I shall give it a try. If it works it will be perfect. Or I could try just using polish between the base and top and leave out the mega mix part completely (if thats what you meant then I apologize, Im reading your comment as using the megamix over the top instead of mixing) There is certainly much more explorations to do :) x

  2. Hello :) thanks for reviewing mega mix! I wonder if you would get better coverage with a more polish to mega mix ratio; for example 2/3 polish & 1/3 mega mix. You could try experimenting with different ratios and see what's best :) xx

    1. That is very true. I think Mega Mix is one of those products that I think get better the more you use it. I would also love to try it with my mica pigments but unfortunately my UV lamp is busted!