12 May 2013

Something Blue

These are my take on the Bridal Weekly Challenge on the nail Polish Lovers Community on Google+
I was going to do a nude pink but I saw this Pastel Bue By Kleancolor and I thought this blue shade would make a nice change.
"Something Blue"
I used 2x coats of Kleancolors Pastel Blue
Lace Nail Stickers
Flat Back Faux Pearls
1x coat of Poshe
As you can probably see I smudged a few of them when I applied the stickers.
I have noticed that a lot of fast drying topcoats do not speed up the drying time of Kleancolor? I have no idea why?! But its really frustrating as I always expect it to be dry and make silly mistakes, like this :(
And I couldn't even redo it as I ran out of stickers boooo :(

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