1 May 2013

UK Indie Polish By TarasTalons. Meet Tara :)

Hi Lacquer Lovers!
I have been lucky enough to get the opportunity to speak to Tara, the lady Behind TarasTalons. One of the very few indie polish makers in the UK
In case you didn't know, indie polish is a term that describes a hand made polish from a small company. They are currently all the rage in the nail world and there are many different brands available,especially in the USA. Most retail their polish line through +Etsy.
Its hard to get handmade polishes here as the postage can be quite pricey and shipping is slow.
Tara sells a range of limited editions, most are one of a kind, handmade shades that are highly pigmented and truly beautiful!
So Tara,tell us a bit about yourself....
My name is Tara and I grew up in London, I moved to County Durham when I was about 16 with my family and went to college up here (performing arts) I also met my fiancé up here and bought my first house with him so, although I miss the family I've still got in London, I think I'll be staying up here!I am a nail artist, nail blogger and very excitingly a UK indie nail polish creator! Since I started blogging and creating polish I've had LOTS of support from fellow bloggers, indies and polish lovers and lots of exciting things are happening for me so I'm very glad I 'felt the fear and did it anyway' when deciding to start my TarasTalons brand! I am also deciding on some courses to become a fully trained nail tech!
It must be hard to decide on colours and names, so where do you get your inspirations from?
My inspiration for the polishes I make comes from so many things; clothes, makeup, TV, films, people and my own memories, likes and experiences. My first collection was ten polishes which were all based on one of my childhood memories! My second collection was 16 polishes based on fantasy things like unicorns and fairies because I like stuff like that!
What do you do when your not making your gorgeous varnish?
In my spare time I love to shop, read, watch TV (when I'm watching stuff with my fiancé it's stuff like Law and Order SVU and Criminal Minds but when I'm on my own it's more like Sabrina the teenage witch, The Rachel Zoe Project and Eastenders :D) I also spend a lot of time chatting to my sisters and friends - I'm VERY talkative! I also spend far too much of my 'spare' time doing stuff related to nails - YouTube videos, forums and nail magazines take up lots of time ;)
Whats your favourite polish out of all the ones youve made?
It's really hard to pick my favourite polish because I'm biased and love them all ;) but I'm going to pick 'Clowning around' because it was the first polish I ever made while I was practising to make sure I could make polishes good enough to sell :)
What are your best sellers?
The ones that have been most popular from my first collection are 'Mum's makeup' which is now sold out 'Dolly' which has almost sold out and 'Clowning around' which isn't far behind! My second collection were all one off polishes so lots of them sold quite quickly and I got lots of feedback from people saying they loved that there was only one ever made so I thing from now on I will just create one off polishes!

Can you give us any clues about your next range?
I've currently got lots of glitters being tested for 'bleed' in my nail room and a book full of ideas so while I don't have my third collection actually made yet, it IS planned out and I can tell you it's very luxurious ;)
Tara has been kind enough to give us an exclusive discount code so we can all get 20% off with no minimum spend,we are very lucky :) Just enter the discount code Lifeinlacquer20.
The polishes are priced at £6.50 (+pnp) find the full range HERE



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  1. I enjoyed reading this :). I would love to make my own range of polishes so currently doing lots of google research. It's hard in the uk as chemicals etc are harder to come by xx