9 Jun 2013

Pocket Money Polishes, Meet Charlie!

Hello My Lacquered Lovelys! 

Tomorrow marks the launch of Pocket Money Polishes first indie collection called Glitter Babies. 
So I thought we could use this as an excuse to get to know the lovely Charlie.

Charlie Smith has been running Pocket Money Polish blog for just over 3 months and now has her very own indie range! 

So Charlie tell us all a bit about yourself...

I am currently working on my PhD thesis about the media representations of female killers, my undergrad degree was in drama though so I've always been quite creative. I have two house bunnies Teddy (the mini lop) and Dora (the Netherlands dwarf) who are my fluffy babies and run free in the dining room. I have just started water colour painting which has been really therapeutic if somewhat distracting from all my other projects.
 I am someone who can't stand the quiet and I always have either my TV on or music playing. I love American dramas, especially crime related ones - I have a new crush every day of the week but I am a single lady and quite happy with that. Yes ok I am a crazy rabbit and polish lady and no one will have me but shhhh. I usually cover the polish smells in my room with Yankee candles at the moment I have paradise spice which is all kinds of gorgeous!

How did you get into nails and blogging?

I discovered nail art when my friend Lou started up her blog She Who Does Nails and kind of just went from there. I started out with stamping and then dotting and free hand and I thought why not start a blog. 3.5 months later I have a couple of hundred followers and I have made some really amazing friends including some American Indie makers.
 I spend hours working on my blog every day. I have just under 100 bottles now (I think) and I love BarryM. I like autumn colours but when it comes to nails pretty much anything goes - I have a pretty good rainbow now.

 Tell us about your new collection, Glitter Babies...

I tried to make something for everyone from the softer My Girl to the very bright I Put A Spell On You. I decided to make small bottles because a) the bottles I found were so cute and b) I like the idea of having enough for a good number of manis but then you can finish the bottle and try something new. I am only just finishing my bottles of BarryM from over a year ago and they're only 7mls. I may offer larger bottles in the future though. I love wrapping up the parcels - feels like I am mailing out Christmas presents!

 Charlies range debuts on the 10th June at 9am and can be found HERE
 Charlie can also be found blogging HERE

 Charlies adorable bunnies!!

  Teddy is a Mini Lop

Dora is a Netherlands dwarf

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