18 Jun 2013

The Very Hungry Caterpillar with New Acrylic Paints

 My son made me a very hungry caterpillar at playgroup today and i couldn't resist having a go at a nail art!
I am gutted! As i was uploading the pictures i realised i had forgotten to put any legs on the poor bug!!
This is the first time i have used acrylic paint instead of nail polish for a nail art. 

The white is BarryM in White.

I purchased a set of nail acrylic paint from +eBay from China. I had to wait a few weeks for delivery but that's okay as they cost £3.50. 
The brand is Oumaxi and they are really good, not too thick or thin. I found them really easy to use.

I also purchased a new nail art brush, from eBay, also from China. When it arrived it came with a Born Pretty business card so I assume its from their eBay site. 
I only payed 50p for it! The handle is made out of bamboo and it okay but i need more practice.

So do you remember this book? Was it one of your favorites?

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