19 Jul 2013

Mint Manicure For Talia Joy

Today we have a very special mint mani in memory of a very special girl Talia Castellano.
Talia was a well know beauty and nail guru and inspired many through her Youtube Channel

She lost her 6 year battle with cancer on the 16th July aged just 13 years old. 

Nicole from Nail Polish Wars suggested that in remeberance of Talia we should all ban together and do a mint mani, inspired by Talia's last Instagram Post

So here is my mint mani. Using 3 coats of Mint Green by BarryM and my new Cheeky Jumbo stamping plate called Happy Nails. 
I used BarryM foil effect to stamp with.

Rest in peace Talia 
Please find other tributes in the links below x


  1. Hi, just pinned this and blogged about this mint mani for Talia Joy link up in http://gardenchefsneedleandpen.blogspot.com/2013/07/nail-arts-bloggers-unite.html

    1. thanks for your mention hun, i think its lovely that so many bloggers have paid tribute to Talia. Its a lovely gesture. xx

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