8 Jul 2013

Nail Polish Remover

In my time as both a nail tech and a polish fanatic I have used a lot of different nail polish removers.
I usually buy the most basic brands and I have finally found a favourite!
I have, for the last month or so, been using two different types of polish by Boots.
Why do you need two types of remover I hear you ask?!
Well, I use one for general polish removing and one for clean ups and glitter removal as its stronger.
For general use I use the basic Boots own brand for £1! Its is, IMO, better than the Superdrugs own brand. It really doesn't struggle with dark colours or anything. And its a good size (250ml).
You can buy it HERE
For clean up I also use a Boots own brand polish called Clean Off. It is really good at cleaning up any accidents on the side walls or cuticles. Also nails are left nice and smooth after polish removal, they don't feel dry at all.
Bit more pricey as its £1.30 for 150ml but to be honest that's still really cheap!
You can buy it HERE
BOTH of these contain acetone and to be honest I only use polish remover with acetone in. I find non acetone remover doesn't do the job as well. But if you wear acrylic nail extensions then please don't use a nail polish remover which contains acetone.
Just thought I would share this with you all as I know it can be hard to find a good one.

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