18 Jul 2013

Special FX Chameleon Swatch and Review

This is a Special FX Polish called Chameleon. 

I will admit right now that when I saw this in the bottle I was hesitant, Im not a fan of oil slick type of polishes and when I saw the gold hues to it, I was really put off. 
I am NOT a fan of gold HaHa!

But boy was I wrong! 
This polish is beautiful on and it has a really deep sexy purple base that catches the light.
As you move your hands around you can see the different colours come to life! 

I really love the way it makes my hands look LOL!

The pictures are with 2 coats and no topcoat. 

The formula was good, first coat was streaky as hell but a thicker second coat sorted that out. 
The brush is too thin for my liking though.

The bottle really looks cheap, I am sorry but to me it looks like something you would see in Poundland or something. I feel it lets down the product inside. 

But other than that I am surprisingly in love with this polish!

FX Nails sent me this product for review and unfortunately I cant find this for sale on their site. I will look into it and update this when I get more info

You can look at FX Nails other products including their Fickles Heat sensitive range (keep your eyes peeled for swatches!)

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