7 Sep 2013

Sick Lacquers Swatches Part 2

As promised here is part two of the indie polishes from Sick Lacquers

Sick Lacquers are a Mother and Son team from the USA. They have a store on Etsy and stock a wide range of their own polishes, from glitters to textured polishes. 

The first one up is Blossom. A bright pink and white glitter in strands,squares,hexes, hearts and stars. 

Here it is with 3 coats, no topcoat. 

The formula wasn't too thick on this one, just how i like it :) you get a good coverage of glitter without having to place the glitter yourself. 
I like the jelly feel it has to it and the depth of glitter because of the layering.

Next up is Bubbles. This has navy,light blue and white glitter in various hexes, squares, hearts, micro and star shapes. You'll be glitter spoilt! 
Two coats over China Glaze Electric Beat.
 And this is 2 thick coats with no base.

As you can see this is in an almost clear base, unlike Blossom so I personally think it looks better over a base colour. 
I love blue and this lovely polish is no exception. 
formula great, easy to apply glitter with no extra dragging around.

Last up is Circle Of Light, now this one was an absolute pain to photograph. It has these beautiful holographic circles and squares, that just do not behave when it comes to being photographed. The nightmare that is holographic lol!

Here it is with 3 coats over no base.

the formula on this polish, for me, was too thick. I prefer my polishes to have a thin/meduim thickness. This polish completely jam packed with glitter though. It has like tiny shimmery glitter in which make up this base. I dont even know how to descrivbe it, all I know is that its as glittery as a 70's disco ball! 
I love the circles and in real life they really do catch the light and look amazing!

So thats part two! 
I have been so happy and blown away with these polishes that i have actually put in an order for another 9! Keep your eyes peeled as there will be loads more coming! 

Dont forget to check out their Facebook, Instagram and Etsy! 

*some of these products were sent to me for an HONEST review. The views on this product are COMPLETELY my own.*


  1. I came here from polished art :) I really like blossom, such a beautiful shade and jelly combo! Looks like the perfect amount of glitter too!

  2. Thanks, I hope you enjoyed my post over at Polished Art. It's my first guest post ever :) and it is sooo pretty, even more so in real life. I'm a sucker for a jelly glitter :)

  3. Hi I love blossom also its so pretty :)thanks for sharing these swatches with us xx

    1. It is super cute, My fave of them all is Taste The Rainbow which can be found on the Sick Lacquers Swatches Part 1. Thanks for stopping by!