10 Oct 2013

Harry Potter Nail Art!

Hello everyone!! 
This weekend my lovely husband drove me nearly 3 hours away to go on the Harry Potter Studio Tour! 

I am a massive Harry Potter Geek and it was amazing to see all the props and scenery! My favourite part was walking down Diagon Alley, I also enjoyed looking at the Ministry of Magic bits and bobs. 
The tour was amazing and we had a great time away. 

Obviously I have done some nail art for the occasion! 

I used BarryMs Black Multi Glitter and white acyclic paint for this look. I also used MoYou Back to the 80's 2 stamping plate for the little finger. 

The black has loads of lovely glitter in but it really shows in the sunlight! It is also a one coater pretty much so that helps too. 

What do you think? Are you a fan of the books and/or films? Who is your fave character? Mine is Ron Weasley for sure  <3 !!! 

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