31 Oct 2013

Zoya PixieDust

After the Halloween mess up Ive gone for something decidedly better! 

After trying Zoya for the first time a while back, I just had to give PixieDust a try!

And wowzers! I think it is now my all time fave! 
Its so glittery and applies sooo well. The only thing about it that I am not a fan of is drying time.
 I usually use a fast drying topcoat but if you do that you would loose the textured effect.

This is Liberty, 2 coats. The accompanying polish is Robyn also by Zoya. 

I also love the Zoya bottle shape.
 I don't know why really but it is my fave shape of all my bottles.

The texture of this polish is not the most bumpy I have tried so if you are new to textured polish this would be a fantastic one to start with.

This sparkles like a dream. I cant stop looking at it!! 

I want this is every shade around, but I have decided to go on a no buy for a bit. Christmas is coming and all!

What do you think about textured polish? Have you tried PixieDust?


  1. Love Zoya's pixi dusts, they are amazing and the shades for this winter are strong and with a lovely thick pixi sparkle :o). Xx


    1. They are really amazing, i cant believe i resisted zoyas for soo long!