31 Mar 2014

Lightining Nail Art!

I have been super busy this week with a couple crochet orders I have to finish so here is a quick lightening themed nail art!
This was one of those late night faffings. My husband and brother were on Fifa so I thought Id have a mess around.
I used two polishes for this. BarryM Gelly in shades Guava and Grapefruit.

I love the Gelly range as they thicker. They are great for stamping and art although I do find the application can be a bit more tricky as it is that bit thicker.

I used the Bowie stamping plate from MoYou but i think that was like special edition or something so I am not sure if it is still available... But I do have another MoYou plate and that has bolts on it too. 

I haven't used these polishes in so long and pretty much forgot I had them lol. After using these I then ordered the new shades and a few others from the range.... OOOOPPSS!

This is so funky and bright! And its been awhile since I have done any art at all.
The gradient nail didn't go completely to plan and I think it looks like more of a tie dye nail LOL

What do ya all think?