6 Mar 2014

Nautical Nail Art

I am a MASSIVE fan of nautical nail art. 
Don't ask me why but I really do! 

For this look I used some charms from She Sells Seashells. I had seen so many nail bloggers using these charms I could resist getting some! They are very affordable. The ones I purchased were £1 for 50 and postage is £1 for second class! so of course I had to get a few different designs!
I just wish they had 10000 different charms to choose from lol!! 

For this look I used a gold anchor and a gold ships wheel. 50 charms are going to last me a while! 
I just pressed them lightly into my topcoat to secure them. 

I always find horizontal stripes a pain in the ass but I think I have done the best I could.
I used a gold glitter by Color Club which I believe is Gingerbread and nail stripers also by Color Club. If you are looking for stripers I really recommend these. They have good coverage and the brushes are good too. 

I hope you like this nail art today! Have a great week, well whats left of it!

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