5 Apr 2014

Gustav Klimt Inspired Nail Art

Its time for Father in Law nail art again!!
 I am going to start calling this "segment" Marcus's Manis

It looks like this will become a regular thing, which is great.... An art lesson and nail art.

Today we have a nail art inspired by Gustav Klimt. We decided to pick out elements of the image below and kind of combine them (taken from Google Images) This painting is a portrait of Adele Bloch Bauer I 

Marcus loved the brushed bronzey gold of the background so that's where we started. He used a fan brush to "scrub" Bronze (actually out of a Color Club striper) over Avons Deluxe Chocolate. 

Marcus then proceeded to hand paint the design. The design looks ancient Egyptian to me LOL 

I have had to take this pictures with natural light by my window instead of in my tent thing as I couldn't get the scrubbing etc to show....

Just look at the scrubbing texture! Its like antique looking. It really gives it more dimension and helps to make the design! 

As always I think Marcus has done a fabulous job! He seems to be improving every time. 
Oh and he actually paints everything including the nail polish etc I do nothing! 

I really like having them done actually, we have a laugh and we all sit around together. Its lovely to spend quality time together and mix that in with my passion! <3

What do you think? 

and as always you can check out Marcus on his website HERE 


  1. amazing ! very nice work ! love it !

    1. Thanks hun, he will love hearing that xx

  2. That's fab. I'd be very happy to have him do my nails too!