29 Apr 2014

Life in Laquerdaisical Tri-Thermal Review and Swatches

Today I have something very new and fun to show you! 

Okay a little background information first.... Alexia owns and runs Laquerdaisical. Alexia is a lovely lady who I message all my insane nail ideas too! I sometimes think about a polish I would love and then I got to Alexia to see if it is possible.... Turns out this one was.

Alexia decided to call this polish Life in Laquerdaisical as I helped with the basic idea. How cool is that! 

Okay so I have always loved thermals. I wanted more from thermals! And I had see some other brands doing a tri thermal thing so I took the idea to Alexia. 

Here's what she came up with! 

A blue that turns to a greeny blue that then turns to a dark purple!! It also features a pretty silver glitter.
This is four thin coats and no top coat.
This polish is smooth without topcoat. 
Okay so I couldn't photograph this for the life of me!! I can assure you I can see the blue to green blue change in real life. It is subtle mind you but its there. 
The purple comes up when you are really cold.... So its a nice surprise every now and then! 

This used to look so much better on my longer nails :( BOO to breakages! 

One thing I will mention is that I found the formula thicker than normal but Alexia has said she plans to change that on the new batch :) 
This polish and so many other BEAUTIFUL polishes are available from Laquerdaisicals new website!

This polish was sent to me for review. All opinions are honest and my own! 


  1. This polish is beautiful. I found myself staring at the photos for several minutes