4 Jun 2014

Aboriginal Stamping Nail Art

I havent done stamping decals in a long time but today I fancied doing it. I also wanted to use a colour I dont use a lot, brown.

I actually like brown and I think this particular brown suits me :) This is You Don't Know Jacques by +OPI Products. Its what I would called an iced brown as it doesn't have a strong red undertone.

The stamping plate I used was from +MoYou London and has some funky australian themed designs. I used acrylic to fill it in and as you can see it didn't go quite to plan and ever some as the stamping cracked (on the lizards body) but I still like it. It also doesn't look so bad in real life! Damn you macro!

Of course I matted it all afterwards and I think that adds the the effect! I use Mentality matte top coat and that works so much better than others I have tried. 
What do you think? 

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