20 Jun 2014

Dance Legend Thermal 175

I love this thermal. Thermals are polishes that react with heat and change colour. If your nails are long enough you may be able to get a beautiful ombre effect!

Dance Legend 175 is a deep purple that changes to an orangey/pink red when warm. It is quite reactive and the colours are quite different so the change is very noticeable. It doesn't have to get really cold to change to you do get the see the dark purple quite a bit which is great.

The shimmer really makes this polish stand out, it makes it different from a lot of other indie thermals which have big, chunky glitter.

The formula is great. Only 2 coats needed. Pictures show 2 coats with topcoat.

I will admit something embarrassing now... I have a macro lens for my IPhone (Yes I use an IPhone for my pics) I have been using said macro lens wrong. Instead of using the macro I have been using the  wide angle lens... DUH!
Now I have figured it out I can do lovely up close images yay!

I added a little floral accent using a Vamp striper brush and white acrylic paint. I then added some diamantes to add some glitz.

I hope you love this as much as I do. This is my type of thing!

I won this polish in a giveaway run by Nail Stickrs. This came from Rainbow Connection but you can also buy direct.