10 Jun 2014

Fantasy Unicorn Nail Art

This has got to be the cutest, most girly nail art I have ever done!

I used some nail vinyl stencils from She Sells Seashells for the unicorn. I know I have been doing loads of reviews for Nail Stickrs recently but of course they are not the only supplier and they do different stencils too. She Sells Sea Shells is also based in the UK.
They were easy to use and I got a great result too! I used Konad stamping polish in white to do them as it covers better than other whites.

You also get the cut outs left in the middle so they can be used as stickers :) 

I used Zoya Robyn, Unnamed Color Club Glitter, Essie Cascade Cool and Zoya Mira

I used Essie Cascade Cool as the base. Its such a powdery sweet pink. I really love it. Then used a sponge to splodge on the two +Zoya Nail Polish. Topped off with the Color Club glitter.
I hate that they don't label half the Color Clubs! I think its all the ones that come in sets that remain unnamed.

The metal charms are from eBay. I think I payed like £1 for a wheel with loads of different designs.

What do you think of my unicorn fantasy nails? I LOVE them!

I think I may be turning into an actual girly girl! HELP!

You can browse and buy various stencils and other nail art items from She Sells Seashells HERE

*some of these products were provided as a press sample for my honest review*


  1. How cute are these! Love them! She Sells Sea Shells looks like a really cool shop, I've already put some things on my wishlist to buy there soon - these unicorn stencils might have to go on that wishlist now :)

    1. Thanks hun! She Sells Sheshells are a great company, the prices and service is great!

  2. Oh, this is adorable! I've got a few of these unicorn stencils and haven't been nearly this adventurous. I need to try this now!

    1. Yay! Im glad I could be of some inspiration :)