11 Jun 2014

First Attempt at One Stroke!

I have been trying to learn one stroke nail art. MAN its hard!

I practise every now and then when I have time but I need to give it alot more time.

This is the first time I have risked ruining a mani haha. I don't think it turned out too bad for a first proper attempt.

I used a one stroke brush from Moyra UK to do these and also the St Petersburg brush. I love Moyra Brushes! They are great quality and I swear they make all the difference. I spent years trying to get by with cheap eBay ones and I swear these have already improved my nail art loads!

The polishes are Tropical storm by Happy Hands and Essies Shes Pampered. My fave red EVER!

What do you think of my first attempt?? Id love some tips too if anyone has any!? I'm currently watching A LOT of YouTube videos mainly by Cute Nails. 


  1. I'm your newest follower :) Great job!

  2. I need new brushes, so thanks for the heads up on the Moyra ones, I really think you did well for your first proper attempt - well done!

    1. Thanks, Moya are the best ones that I have used so far. Just make sure you take care of them :)