15 Jun 2014

Moyra Nail Haul

Isnt nail mail just the best type of mail ever?! Well it beats bills, I can tell you that!

a couple of weeks ago Moyra UK had a sale. 30% off every polish, so that made each polish only £2.10 each! Deal or what!?

I have used Moyra polishes before (review HERE) and I use their nail art brushes all the time. The polishes are fab quality for the price. They have a wide range of effects and colours. I especially like the Sands and Gel effect.

Here is what I got...

I have also ordered a few others, but they are not released until next weekend. 

I have already had a little play with these and I can say I am very happy with the quality for the price. 
Even at full price (£3) they work out cheaper than BarryM effect polishes and I can safely say I prefer these. As you all may know I hate BarryM Gelly polishes with a passion, the newer ones anyway. The formula sucks butt. They are streaky yet thick!? 
The Moyra Gel Look formula is so much better. The pink one above(919) is a one coater pretty much and not thick at all. 

I cannot fault these really. 

I will have some nail art using these to show you very soon! 

Moyra is available in the UK exclusively from Aliz on FACEBOOK (website coming soon) 
All polishes are £3 each and the postage is £3 for up to 25 polishes :) 


  1. the pastel colors are really pretty!

    1. The sure are! I am really into pastels at the mo. Pastels and coral lol

  2. Wow, how many new colours. Great haul :)

    Lu, www.balgarka.co.uk