7 Aug 2014

Marcus Manis- Stained Glass

Today we have another mani from Marcus.
For people who are not regular readers of the blog or for Life in Lacquer newbies, Marcus is my father in law and also an artist. He comes around every now and then and paints my nails!!

I will be making a proper page for Marcus soon (which will be found above the main Life in Lacquer logo) so you can see all his nail art in one place. 

Today we wanted to do a mosaic effect nail art. Marcus loves mosaics and often makes mosaics with found items. You can take a look at his web page here 

Marcus used a white base and then various polishes to create this look. He then used black acrylic paint to outline the shapes. 
I am so sorry I didn't make a note of which polishes he used! 

We then matted it with Mentality Matte topcoat. 

What do you think? 
It really reminds me of beautiful stained glass!


  1. It definitely looks like color-block modern art!

    1. I will pass it on to him! Hes going to love to hear it looks like art lol

  2. I love reading about Marcus's manis - this is lovely x

    1. Thanks! Marcus has just moved house but I expect there will be more from him real soon!