17 Sep 2014

Autumn Leaves Nail Art

I am a big fan of Autumn. I love the colours, the weather and of course the darker nights.
I was really struggling for ideas the other day and one of my beautiful readers planted a seed of inspiration in my head, thanks Helen Benton!

Today we have a mani using some autumn colours and some hand painted vines.

Autumn vine nail art using China Glaze Foie Gras

To see what I used please join us after the jump! 

I used three colours and sponged them on randomly for the base. I used China Glaze Foie Gras, Manhattan 04M and 05. 
I also used Alpine Snow by OPI to sponge on top of. It makes it so much easier to use a white base as it make the colours really pop. 
All this topped off with Mentality Matte topcoat! I love this topcoat tooo much!

Because I used a sponge it made a stupid amount of mess and was really hard to clean up so I would just a brush to create the base next time.
I then used acrylic paint as a small brush to paint on the vines. 
I have been unwell recently and my arm has been affected. I get bad hand shakes and a very achy arm. That's why I haven't been doing a lot of nail art recently as I didn't want to disappoint you all! 
I feel that this isn't that bad though! 

What do you think of this nail art? Whats your favourite season?

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