27 Oct 2014

Gross Halloween Pustule Nails!

Hahah yes you read that right! Today I saw THESE nails by The Daily Nail and had to give it a go!

I don't know if these are more wart type nails or pustule nails but they reek of Halloween!

Halloween Pustule Nails warts puss gross 3d nail art

For all the details and more gross pictures, join me after the jump! 

Halloween Pustule Nails puss art 3d warts

For the lumps I used flat back pearls, just like The Daily Nail. I placed them into clear nail polish and waited for them to dry. I then coated them in thick layers of polish. After waiting a really long time for them to dry I then sponged on various other shades of polish to create the redness etc. I then topped it off with Mentality's Matte topcoat.

The "pustules" in real life are less white and more skin toned but for some reason the camera picked them up as very white.
This nail art was so messy to do but so much fun!!

I used;

OPI Tickle My France-y as the base 
Moyra shade 59
OPI Sweet Heart
Flat back pearls in various sizes from The Born Pretty Store.  
Mentality's Matte Top Coat.

I know this nail art is totally impractical but for a Halloween party they would rock! What do you think of these? 


  1. ewwwwww!! haha! they look really cool. x