3 Nov 2014

Pegasus and Butterflies Nail Art

I love a good bit of stamping. I cant stand it when people say stamping isn't real nail art. It is real nail art folks and its fantastic! So many options with colour and decals you can pretty much achieve anything! Plus it can be a quick way of adding nail art to your dominant hand!

Hare Pegasus Butterfly Nail Art stamping Mzr 07

Today I chose Hare Polish Pegasus and plate MZR-O7. I used Konad Black Special Polish and my Magno XL stamper.

Hare Pegasus Butterfly Nail Art MZR07

I waited before top coating (using Out The Door by INM) and even floated it over but it still smudged the beautiful butteries. 

I used 2 coats of Pegasus and it built up a lovely glitter density. Its a jelly finish so you get to see all the glitter floating around in the lush pastel purple base.

What do you think of this nail art? Do you own any Hare Polishes?

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