30 Mar 2013

Manhattan Polish South African Inspired

As i mentioned in my previous post, I have recently purchased a few new polishes from +Fragrance Direct. Two of these polishes were Manhattan Rock Topia Polishes priced at a bargain 49p! i can not resist a bargain like that!

I also used Silver special effect foil polish from Barry M and some gold striping tape to complete the design.
I must say i am very impressed with these polishes and they give a nice opaque colour in only two coats but unfortunatly +Fragrance Direct only have 2 colours in stock. These!

Number 5 and Number 4
Number 4 is actually much more of an apple green when used on the nail and is used in the feauter nail.
I think these as well worth 49p!
I hope you all have a great Bank holiday weekend!

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