30 Mar 2013

Does Myleen Have Klass?

Time to try some nail wraps. Ive seen nail wraps for sale everywhere and there are so many different types and a few differnet types of application.
Myleen Klass nail wraps require no heat to apply and come in a pack of 24 for use on fingers and toes.
they were actually very easy to apply and looked lovely on, can you hear my suprise? :)
The only problem i had with them was that there wasnt ebough of the size i needed. There is a strip included so you can cut your own or you can trim one of the other wraps.
A nail file is also included.
The glitter also looks fab and the wraps are lovely and shiny
The next day they did start to come away at the free edge so maybe a topcoat run over the edge would help.
But all in all they would be fantastic for a night out and i applied them in 10 mins so a very fast application!
Good Job Myleen 

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