4 Mar 2013

Monochrome With a Hint Of China Glaze

Monochrome with a splash of colour :) 

Hello again :) second post of today, think I'm getting abit addicted. Well who wouldn't want to talk about nails all day eh?! 
Today I've Chosen monochrome, classic! But then added a slash of colour to make it a tad more lively

I purchased some striping tape today and surprisingly I have never used striping tape before. 
So I decided to have a bit of a play. 
I used Barry M white and black and China Glaze Papaya Punch. 

Started off with Lumos Basecoat, of course! No nail staining for me :P 

I used two coats of Barry M white, I was in a rush so in a bid to seal the polish and speed up drying time I then used the Lumos top coat. 

When that was COMPLETELY dry I then got creative :) I have never used striping tape before so I just wanted to have a go. Firstly it was a bit of a pain to get dead on straight so it is abit on the wonk, with more time and practice I'm sure that will improve. 

After I had done my designs with the tape I then painted over the top with Barry M black and China Glaze Papaya on the ring finger. There are all some very small glitter fragments on the thumb and ring finger. 

Then topped it all off with Lumos top coat. 

Unfortunately I was in a rush to get out of the house and put on the topcoat prematurely, resulting in a slight drag of colours. As I as it was just a practice so at least ill know for next time. 

This way of doing stripes I will use again, imagine the possibilities!


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