3 Mar 2013

Lumos Top and Bottom coat

Lumos high speed top coat and instant impact bottom coat are bought to us by Famous Names, who you may know is run by Jim and Linda Nordstrom, Jim was the co creator of CND until it was sold and is now also the creator of Sweet Squared. Sweet squared is an online supplier for the nail professional and also they run salon geek. 

I have owned these polishes for only a week but already I am so glad I listened to other professionals and purchased these. They came so highly recommended by other nail techs and I was worried they wouldn't live up to expectations but boy was I wrong! (And you won't catch me admitting that often!)

The base coat has a thin consistency but it is not hard to apply at all and dries instantly to form a bond between the nail plate and colour. 
The top coat can be applied to wet nails, although I have not tried this as I am always worried about the colour tinting the top coat. It dries COMPLETELY in 20 mins if that! I have never used a top coat that actually does what it says and I had no smudges or chips, I even went in the bath pretty much straight after applying. 

The box boasts that the polishes can be used right until the end of the bottle without becoming gloopy but as I've only just bought these I can't comment on that even though I have heard good things. 

Usually I can't wear polishes for more than a day without them peeling and chipping but this product keeps the colour firmly in place without it being hard to remove when the time comes. 

As with all coats of polish remember to cap the free edge to ensure longevity. 

This is a professional only product and I purchased mine here
Check them out here +Ellisons Hairandbeauty 

Top marks for Lumos!! 

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