15 Mar 2013

Plum And Leopard Stamping

2x Coats Of Plum By Kleancolor. Bundle Monster stamping Plate 221 and NYC white to do the leopard print. 

Please bare in mind that the NYC polish is very old and thick that's why it is so good for stamping, so don't chuck away your thick old nail polish! It'll come in very handy for stamping
As I've mentioned before, i love nail stamping and I love Bundle Monsters Plates. They work just as well as Konad but at lower cost.
I also used to use stamping alot when i was doing other peoples nails and it really is a crowd pleaser and people always comment on my nails when i have stamping on.
i prefer to just have stamping on the ring fingers on maybe the thumb too but this design would look just as lovely on all fingers.
Feature nails, as i call them, are very fashionable and if you look at celebrity nails you will find lots of people with just the ring finger "accessorised." Making this style suitable for both work and play as its not too "in your face"
This Kleancolor polish is very thin and didn't cover very well.Patchy and Streaky :( If using this colour again i would do 3 coats.
Ive been finding the Kleancolor with lumos bottom and base coat has not been lasting long at all on me. I think its my fault as i think i put the kleancolor on too thick. I have never had a problem of polish lasting on me when i use China Glaze and Lumos. China Glaze is a much better polish obviously, but it still doesn't really bother me as i don't tend to wear polish for more than a day :P

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