22 Apr 2013

Cupcake Nails

Messy hands...Naughty!
Ive never tried doing cupcake nails before but i have seen so many other good examples on other blogs, its time i gave it a go.
I used nine polishes for this design!!
Its hard to see in these photos but the cases are Matte and the frosting is shiny!
I used Barry M Mushroom and Kleancolor Mocha for the cases. Kleancolor Mocha is the stripes.
The blue frosting is Kleancolor Pastel Teal with Kleancolor Starry Blue glitter sprinkles.
The pink icing is Essie Flawless with Barry M Silver Cascade sprinkles
The cute little hearts are Kleancolor Twinkly Love
There is a base colour on this design by Kleancolor called Cream Pearl but you really cant see it unless you look really closely. I just didn't want the nails to be bare underneath as I'm not keen on this idea.
I used a very thin dotting tool to do all of this. And i picked out the glitter individually using the dotting tool too. I did try a brush but it didn't cover very well and looked streaky.
I also think that i should have made the cases smaller especially on my ring finger.
here is a close up of my little finger.
what do you all think?


  1. i like the glitter on top! :)
    haven't seen this on any cupcake design before!

    1. Thanks :) Im an absolute glitteraholic and love to have it on my designs