5 Apr 2013

Floral Full Nail Water Decals

I bought a job lot of full nail water decals on EBay for the grand total of £3.99!
I had seen people using these on a few different You Tube Vids and i was really impressed with the results. Water Decals are also available as single images.
They remind me of the temporary tattoos i used to get out of bubble gum :)
They are actually really easy to use and only took me around 15 min to do one hand. The only problem i found was that the sizes were abit weird but its not hard to just re size them. The Decals are also thicker than i expected as i was worried they would break during application but no breakages!
To Apply;
Remove all packaging, Duh ;)
Size up decal to nail and trim if needed.
Submerge transfer in water
Life off of the paper, using tweezers helps
Place transfer on the nail and blot of excess water with kitchen roll (or something similar)
Apply Top coat
Handy little tip for application, i saw this on one you tube vid.....
Leave the edge of the wrap longer than required  (don't file off)
drag the top coat right to the end of the wrap
wait a couple seconds.....
the wrap will shrink backward and cap the free edge, for longer wear and a cleaner edge
some excess wrap that had shrunk back will need to be removed, i use a cocktail stick.
 I think i will use these in the future ALOT as i have had them on for 2 days already and they haven't chipped or anything!
Application was also smooth and there were no creases so in that respect they gave a smoother finish than the nail wraps i have previously tried. Everything gets better with practise though!
Have a nailtastic weekend guys!

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