2 Apr 2013

Leopard Nails,Roar!

I'm feeling feisty today so here are some gradient leopard print nails.
Ive never done free hand leopard print before and it was soo easy! Just use a dotting tool to place you main colour then draw black around in a broken circle.

I think i may have put too many actual print marks on though as they look a bit crowded?

Here's how i did it.....
Three coats of Essie-- Neo Whimsical
which doesn't give a complete streak less covering but it doesn't matter as Ill gradient over it.

Then do the gradient using a sponge, I literally used a washing up sponge, a brand new one obviously :P
I used Essie--Flawless
this also doesn't have to be super good as you'll be painting over the top.

Then add the print. I used Kleancolor--Neon Aqua for the blue and Barry M--Black for the outline.
Barry M polish was abit thin to be fair but its the only black i could find! Surprisingly as i own sooo much polish!

And that's it!

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