25 Apr 2013

Fruity Grape Mani

Today I've taken part in the Nail Polish Lovers Weekly Challenge to create a design inspired by fruit.
I chose to do grapes and a stamped accent nail.
Base is Kleancolor Love is in the air
Grapes are Kleancolor Plum and accented in Konad Special Polish in white.
Vine parts are Sinful colors Envy and Manhattan Rock Topia in shade 4
Kleancolor's love is in the air is actually a beautiful colour, it has a really nice green shimmer to it i have done two coats here but i feel if i wanted it to be really opaque it would require three. I didnt want the base colour to be to bold though so i opted for two.
Accent nail is Kleancolor Plum as a base and Konad polish in white. I also used cheeky plate number CH42 from the summer 2012 collection.
I know the stamping has smudged abit but this was already my second attempt, i have no idea whats happened to my stamping recently?! It used to be so easy!
I must just be having and off week.
The grapes where super easy to do all i used was a dotting tool. I'm starting to use these more than the finer brushes as most of the time i feel they give a better result for me. Brushes tent to streak.
What do you think? Would you wear a fruity mani?

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