14 Apr 2013

Galaxy Nails. Far out!

Galaxy nails are just so beautiful,they catch the light and make me keep looking at them.
This is Barry m Black x2 for the base colour
Kleancolor Barbie Pink and Pink Fairy for the glitter
China Glaze Sexy in The City for the blue
and Calvin Klein Cabernet for splodges of an oil slick tint.
I hand painted some stars and dots with Barry M Foil silver but to be honest i wish i hadn't, why didn't i just use a stamping plate??? it would have looked so much neater. My silly brain didn't even think of this until hours later, DUH!!
So when i do it again,which i will, ill use stamping plates instead to do the stars.

The application of this is really simple.
Base colour
use a cosmetic sponge to apply the different colours or glitters,sometimes needing multiple layers
then topcoat!
TaDa! :)
I find that up close they don't look as good but at hands length they are out of this world! Sorry i couldn't resist it :P
Have you ever done galaxy nails? How about sending me a link to yours so i can be nosey :)

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