16 Apr 2013

Nail Stamping,The Basics

I have ordered some more stamping plates by Cheeky from the amazon site and waiting for them to arrive. Keep your eyes peeled (gross!) for some new nails soon....
I love using stamping plates because with just a little practise you can get amazing results. They can me abit hard to get used to as you have to be super quick once you've picked up the polish on the stamp.
For anyone who is reading this who doesn't know how to use stamping plates ill give a brief explanation...
First choose your design, i actually find this the hardest part!!
Place some nail polish or special polish on to the plate over the design and use the scraper to scrape over in one direction only. This will remove excess polish as only a tiny bit is needed.
then roll the stamper over the design to pick it up
very quickly roll the design on the nail.
It will take a few goes to get it right but it can really enhance your nails. I use stamping ALL the time.
The most well known brand is probably Konad. I use Cheeky and Bundle Monster plates that i buy from +Amazon.co.uk . They are considerably cheaper and i have never had any problems with them really. Some designs don't pick up as well but that may well be down to a number of other factors such as the polish used.
There is also other brands such as Mash and MoYou. I have not tried these.
You can use many polishes fro stamping but the general view is that if they are opaque in one coat then they may work. I have found that the Barry M Foil Effect Colours work AMAZINGLY and i use these regularly.
I also use old polishes that have gone abit thick. They tend to work quite well.
*TIP* Slightly buff the pad of the stamper with a nail file to help it pick up the polish.
You can even use multiple Designs together if your feeling extra creative :)
Here's some examples of Stamping i did last year.....

These two are done over IBD Just Gel, The pink one has a mica pigment scrubbed in to it.
 This is a Zebra print over a China Glaze grey.
Id love to hear about any other polishes or Tips anyone has :D

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