22 Apr 2013

How to Make Your Own Nail Decals, Simples!

Well then Lacquer Lovers have you ever had problems with placement of individual konad stamps? Or have you ever wanted to premake some hand painted decals for another time or for a friend?
Here's a new way of getting them perfect!
I'm feeling like a nail genius today!
Okay so here it goes....
First you need to fine something that the nail polish will remove easily from. I chose a Nail Form. nail forms are used in acrylic nail sculpting.
^This is a nail form^
Then i used my Lumos Top Coat and placed a thick coat over the top of the form
Leave this to dry. I left to dry over night as I had forgotten about it... Oopsies :)
Then loosen it from the nail form.
^This is the nail polish "film" That you have made to stamp on to^
Stamp into the Nail Polish "film"
Cut to size
Then place onto your nails and topcoat over
  EDIT: You could also use it to embed things like a pretty napkin or thin fabric by following all previous steps but just dont wait for the polish to dry on the form, add when its wet. Then add one more coat of clear polish ontop when dry.
Okay so its not perfect as you can see a slight line if you look really closely at the nail but I'm sure there are ways around this. This is my first attempt. You could try actually cutting around the image so there is no border?
You could also hand paint tour design instead of stamping using either acrylic paints or nail polish.
Give this a try and email me some pics and ill upload them for other to see on here :)

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