28 May 2013

Barry M Ice Cream Collection

Ive been without a camera for a while, hence why i haven't posted recently. Did ya all miss me ?!
Well i have a camera now, so here is some Barry M Ice Cream swatches :)
I got these on my last haul from +Superdrug on a 3for2.

First up is Blueberry Ice Cream, a lovely creamy light blue. This is quite an opaque shade. Here is 2x coats with no topcoat.

  It applies well, although there was some visible brush marks. This would easily have been smoothed out with a top coat.

Next is Lemon Ice Cream. A sunny bright yellow. Here is 3x coats with no top coat.
This needed three coats to be opaque but totally worth it! i mean look at this lovely summer shade!. Again this applies really well. 

And last up is Berry Ice Cream. A pale, pastel violet. Here is 2x coats with no top coat. 
As you can see its a very pale shade but it does have a really good coverage and is opaque in 2 coats, 
This shade is really nice but is my least favorite of the three.

Out of all three my fav would have to be Lemon Ice Cream with Blueberry coming in a close second. 

I love pastel shades and Barry M doesn't disappoint. Especially when they are only £2.99 Each! 

You can purchase them HERE

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