30 May 2013

Purr-fect Plum

 This is China Glaze's Purr-fect Plum. A dark berry type purple.
 In the bottle it does look very dark and almost brownish..
the coverage is good and was completely opaque in two coats. 
I got this from Sally's Express and i in fact ordered a few different shades as they were on sale for £1.28. But i only received this one as there was a big mix up and they didn't have any stock of the others that they had on offer. Then they were less than helpful in sorting it out. I wasn't even made aware that i wasn't getting the others and to be frank, they were down right rude on one occasion :(
Which is a shame really, you think an a big international brand would know how to handle things better. 

anyway apart from my rant ;p this polish is very pretty but not my favourite purple I own.

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