19 May 2013

Jaye Bird By InVogue

 I received this lovely polish from Nick at ohbeauty.co.uk.
This is Jaye Bird from Invogue Feathers.
It features strands of blue and white glitter. The polish has a high density of glitter so its easy to position and get a full coverage. I did use four coats though, just to get the placement right.
It can be used on it own or over another polish. 
I wouldn't have called it feather effect, i would have called it Sprinkles! As to me it looks like cake sprinkles!
Pictured here alone with one coat of Poshe topcoat.

This polish is really pretty and completely different to the other polishes I have seen, as a lot of glitter polishes don't have this type of coverage.

This polish, along with the whole InVogue range, is available HERE for £4.49 with FREE UK postage :)

 Reminds me of streamer or sprinkles on cakes. It also reminds me of the Queens Jubilee?! Very royal colours!

*some of these products were sent to me for an HONEST review. The views on this product are COMPLETELY my own.*

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