14 Feb 2014

Polish Me Silly Stardust


Its valentines Day! 
This is also my 200th POST!! 

Today I have one of the most GORGEOUS polishes on my nails I think I have ever laid eyes on. 

Stardust is a multichrome glitter topper. It flashes with greens, pinks, blues and purple hues. It also has silver glitter!! 

The best way to describe this polish is it is like a galaxy on your nails. 

(sorry for funny colours and blurring but it was the only way i could show the green. The green is very prominent it real life) 

Please excuse the variants in my finger colour. I captured this with both artificial light and very limited daylight to try and show the different colours. I still don't think I did it justice! 

I layered it over Sinful Colors Black on Black, but the layering possibilities are endless. I cant wait to try this over red or pink! 

On a side note what do you think of the new photos? I still have a way to go but I really like these pics!! 

If you want to check out Polish Me Silly's other polishes please click HERE 


  1. it is perfect ! goes with your nails ! how are you ?
    hope very well ! have a nice weekend !

    1. I am getting there thanks Bubica. Its nice to know someone is thinking of me :)

  2. You've got a great blog full of beautiful nails, colour, glitter, patterns and shapes! Well done to Instagram that helped me find you :))
    Do you want to follow each other on Bloglovin, dear?

    Giveaway Time: http://bit.ly/1f4R1FL

    1. hello Lubka and welcome to my corner of the internet. Thanks for you kind words!
      I have followed you on Bloglovin, I would love you to follow back :)
      Look forward to seeing you here more often!