10 May 2013

Matt Suede Revlon VS InVogue

Okay so today I thought id have a play with two Matt Suede Effect polishes.
We have Revlon's Ruby Ribbon (the darker colour on the index and middle finger)
InVogue's Hot Gossip (Ring finger and pinky)

These are Matt suede polishes so as you can expect they are Matt. I don't know how to suede factors in as this effect doesn't look anything like suede?
The Revlon polish is a lot darker and has less of a noticeable shimmer/glitter.
InVogue has a bigger glitter content, the glitter itself is bigger also.

I then used Poshe topcoat on the index and ring finger to see what it would look like as a normal,shiny polish. I have to admit I prefer both of them with a shine!
The shine really shows off the different shimmers and glitters.
As per usual the Revlon polish was a pain to apply as the brush is so thin.
InVouge is easier to apply but I still hate the lid as its so small so hard to grip.
3x coats
No topcoat


You can purchase Invogue Matt Suede with free uk postage HERE

So what do you think? do you prefer shiny or matt?

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