9 May 2013

Love Leopard Design

As you have probably noticed I love leopard print!
It is one of the easiest nail art designs to do and it can be done in so many different ways

On this design I have used a full nail water decal and cut it into a heart shape. Then used Barry M nail art pend to do the print.
I tried to use the Barry M Silver Nail Art Pen around the heart but Ive found its really not that bold. (not pictured) Its quite translucent and that's a real disappointment as I have so many designs in mind!

The base is Kleancolor's Pastel Pink. I wouldn't personally describe this as a pastel colour as i always imagine pastels as a lot lighter than this. But it is a great pink, very girly!
The glitter is also Kleancolor 24 Carat.
Pictured with Poshe Topcoat

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