1 Jun 2013

My Life In Lacquer, My Custom Polish!

 Today I received my own custom made indie polish by TarasTalons!!
I have been waiting by my front door for this polish and I am so happy with the result. 
I really wanted a bright glitter and I knew I wanted lots of different sizes of glitter. 
 I really like the coverage of this polish but I think it would be easier to apply with a wider brush,but Tara doesn't usually make polish with such big pieces so i cant expect her to stock a new bottle just for me :P 

This has a FANTASTIC amount of glitter in and this is only ONE slightly thicker coat of polish!

 I did want the base clear but the pink neon hex glitter did turn the suspension base slightly pink, Although i actually really like the base colour and i cant see it makes a huge noticeable difference:P

 I wanted to show the glitter over black and white and over a few differnt colours and I just love them all! 
It would work really well as just a feature nail or even as a whole mani. Very summery and bright and i think this is also very on trend as i have seen a lot of neon's and glitters this year!

I chose to call this "My Life in Lacquer" as I wanted a polish and a name very personal to me and theres nothing more personal than a blog (well maybe a couple things, *wink*)

 I think my fave out of these is the blue or the green. I love an excuse to have multi coloured nails though!! 
I used Barry M Matte White and Black for the first pics 
I used Barry M Bright Purple,Lemon Ice Cream, Blueberry Ice Cream and Sinful Colors Pistache. 

All these pics have ONE thicker coat of My Life In Lacquer over 2 Coats of underneath colour. No top coat.

If you are also looking to own a custom designed polish by yourself or an original UK made indie polish then please check out TarasTalons HERE
You can also you the exclusive Life in Lacquer discount code for 20% off any order. 
Enter Code lifeinlacquer20 at checkout :)

so what do you guys think? 
Is there a colour combination you prefer?


  1. This is beautiful! I like it over the blue and yellow best, although I love how the neon yellow pops over the bright purple.


    1. Thanks :) it also like the blue but to be fair I love them all! Loving bright colours at the mo!