2 Jun 2013

Love Nailz Indie Polish Swatches, Welcome To Glitter Heaven :)

This week the lovely Louise has sent me a whole bunch of beautiful glitters to swatch. 

Love Nailz is based in Canada and specialises in solvent resistant glitter and Indie polishes.

As you can probably tell i am in love with indie polishes at the mo, these glitters are literally insane! There is no way you would get this type of coverage or colour from a high street brand. 

First thing i would like to mention is that the brushes on here are fantastic. They are wider, think OPI. This enables the glitter to be picked up a lot better. It also enables a better coverage with less drag. I love a good brush :P

Here is the first of five, Edgy Princess. A clear base with pastel and iridescent glitter with black shards. So its very twinkly but also striking. 

I wanted to show it over a mix of colours so here's some multi coloured swatch backgrounds. 
This is two coats, no topcoat.
Here's a close up 
And a bottle close up 
 Applies really well. Looks fantastic, need i say more?!

Next up is Sunglasses At Night. This has neon hexes and mini rose hexes suspended in a translucent  lime green base. 
As this has a tinted base i decided to just show it over a white base. 

This is two coats. No topcoat.

And a close up...

This is beautiful as the green is a really nice green and was surprisingly streak free in one coat, so if you wanted just a subtle hint one coat would work too. 
I love the glitter placement of this. I didn't manually place any of these glitter featured today.

Here is Speckled Zap. This is a black, blue,silver and pink (although I see it as more red) glitter with holo strands. The base is a  translucent white/grey/blue. To me looks a bit like PVA glue colour :P

As above, I have chosen to show this over just a white as the base is tinted. 

Here is two coats. No topcoat.
 Close up...
And you've guessed it....
This just reminded me so much of a gobstopper! Its nearly as yummy, although please don't eat it ;p
Again the coverage was really fab and the glitter is well distributed so there is no messing around trying to get it even. 

This is Tropical Fruit Punch, Multi coloured hex's, squares and shards. The base is clear although the bright glitter as tinted the base slightly. This is common in neon indie polishes and does NOT mean it is an inferior product. 

Here it is over a few different colours, two coats. No topcoat.

 Two finger close up...
Here is the bottle close up, for some reason my silly compoooter wouldn't let me rotate it!

This is definitely a tropical themed polish. I love all the different colours and again it is jammed packed with glitter. 

Last but by no means least is Gotta Wear Shade. A beautiful neon hex glitter, in pink, green and holo silver. Jam packed into a clear base.

Two coats over a range of colours
Excuse the little finger. I thought it was dry...

Close up 
 Bottle shot
 This was the hardest glitter to place I think, I still didn't manually place these though.I think its because all the glitter is the same size. This would be an ideal glitter for manual placement in nail art.

Okay so there is some serious swatch spam! 
Every time I put on a new glitter i decided it was my favorite! 
I think though it is either Speckled Zap or Edgy Princess or Sunglasses At Night.... Oh i don't know!!
Glitter is so on trend right now and i am so glad to have these in my collection. I can see these coming out a lot this year :)

All these polishes are 3 Free and Cruelty free. 

These are available to purchase HERE. International shipping available. YAY!

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