26 Jul 2013

TarasTalons Announcement Plus Swatches and Reviews!!

Hello Lacquer-roonies!

I am very lucky to be reviewing two new polishes today and announcing a new product in Taras shop!

Okay so as you all may know I am a big fan of TarasTalons polishes and also of Tara herself! She is a UK indie polish maker and I have done posts on Tara and her fab polishes before. Find them 

As of TODAY TarasTalons will be offering 5ml bottles in her Etsy shop!! 
She also now sells "Lucky Bags" and "Pick N Mix" (better than sweets!!) 
Lucky Bags are four random polishes and cost £14.40 for 10ml and £10.00 for 5ml! 
That works out at £3.20 a polish for 10ml!! Bargain!!

Pick n Mix are four polishes of your choice for £20.00 for 10ml bottles and £13.60 for 5ml. 
Both of these bags offer huge savings on the normal selling price of a single bottle.
With these bags it makes it even easier to now own your own handmade polishes at bargain prices! Or you could even gift them to a loved one (or yourself LOL) 

(No minimum spend)

To Promote this launch Tara has sent me 2 lovely one off polishes for review, they are both in the new 5ml size. 

Heres a bottle shot...

First up we have Life in Polish...

The only way i can describe this polish is a dusky pinky purple jelly effect! Here it is with 3 thin coats and topcoat.  
The glitter gets beautifully sandwiched between the layers of colour. 
Holo glitter with Silvery pink hexs.... YUM!

The other polish is called I'm Jades Polish. 
love that it's named after me :P

So the first thing I noticed was how thick this polish was. When you apply it you only need one coat and it is a bit tricky to apply. 
I thought it was going to turn out to be a textured polish but when it dried it dried flatter. I then floated 2 coats of top coat and oh wow! 
The depth of colour and glitter is amazing. Its hard to tell in the pic but it has lovely purple glitter in it too. 
Because of the thickness, caused by the high content of glitter, the cuticles and side walls are not as neat as usual. 
But the depth of colour and the way it shines (i cant stop looking at it) makes up for the thickness IMO. 
**One little hint for very dense polishes,  apply one layer of topcoat and then wait until nearly dry, then lightly press your finger on the polish to help it lay flat. You will be left with finger prints but don't worry as one more coat of topcoat should sort this**

          All of TarasTalons polishes are one of a kinds (except the first collection)

Taras polishes are in high demand so get them while you can!!
You can buy all her polishes HERE

Also please do check out her BLOG as it contains loads of pretty nail arts :)

and as Tara would say 


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